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Valy Tremblay and Nol van Genuchten founded Creative KAOS Management  in partnership with Proluxon.

Their combined past unites a vast experience in Visual and Entertainment Design, Artistic Direction, Production Management and Technical Direction.

Over the course of the past years they have build an impressive portfolio by applying their talents to the entertainment industry, concentrating on large scale events in unique and challenging environments.

Unusual and complex projects have become their trademark.






Founder - Creative Director

Using Theatre­‐Arts to expose the many different personalities and emotions of the theatrical environment, empowers me to reinforce the relationship between the audience and the performance, whether by accentuating the intensity of the performances, or by creating contrasts with the dramatic content of the show."

Nol van Genuchten designed Cirque du Soleil’s 2002 production Varekai, collaborated with Cirque du Soleil as Associate Lighting Designer on the creation of Ka and Zumanity, and was Assistant  Lighting Designer for "O", La Nouba, Dralion, and Pomp Duck and Circumstance,  as well as the renewal of the lighting concepts for Saltimbanco, Alegria and Quidam. His  designs  and  Creative  Directions  for  Cirque du  Soleil’s  Special  Event Department  include Baraka, Spica,  the  Love-Premiere, several  Formula-1-,  and Champcar Events as well as a large variety of other unique client oriented experiences .

Additionally  his  designs  and  creative  direction  skills  are seen  in  a  wide variety  of  fields.  Ranging from entertainment  lighting for  Traces,  La  Vie, and Psy  by  The  7  Fingers. Concert lighting  for  DJ  Champion. Private  Events  for  Nasheed  Events  and Preston  Bailey  Design.  Corporate  events  for clients  such as  Red Bull,  New  York Fashionweek,  Fiat, the  McLaren  Formula 1  team, Spiderman-3, Boeing,  and  Radio  Canada. Tradeshow­‐booth designs  for  Illumivision. Cinema  and Television  consultation for Ma  tante  Aline, The  Dead Zone, and  a  still  to be  release  James  Cameron Feature.

As  well  as  architectural  projects  such  as  Heaven 
Nightclub  in Ottawa,  the  Beatles  Revolution Lounge  at the  Mirage  in Las  Vegas, Gold  Lounge  at City Center, and Richard MacDonald Galleries at both City Center as well as the Bellagio in Las Vegas .

Above  all,  he  is  an  out  of  the  box  thinker  that thrives  on  solving  puzzles  with  his ingenuity,  and  in  the  process  finding unique  solutions  to  any creative challenge!

Founder - Production Director

As technologies related to our industry were becoming increasingly complex, I realized that it was becoming proportionally  difficult for for the majority of the involved parties to follow their fast evolution. - The Designers’ goal being to use these technologies beyond aiming at an in­‐depth comprehension of the equipment. I thus directed my efforts towards the development of specialized resources and knowledge in order to provide high­‐level support for visual designers"

Production Manager,  Technical Director,  Systems Integrator,  Stage Manager  and Console Operator,  Valy has acquired his signi
cant experience and expertise in production­‐,  technical-, an lighting project management  through event's concert's and shows all around the globe, and this for more then 20 years now. He has toured and performed with several internationally acclaimed dance, theatre, music and variety performances of various shapes and sizes.
His passion for show­‐control and integration of new technologies pushed him in 1999 to launch PROLUXON. A Studio focussed on 3D Pre­‐Visualization and Visual Designer Support for the live entertainment  industry. PROLUXON has evolved over the years as an industry leader in its
eld,  renowned  for its high  level  of expertise and attention  to detail,  thus  allowing  designers  to not only  dream  up their  ideas,  but most importantly providing them with a framework and support structure to see their wildest dreams realized.

After  all  these  years, he  still  embraces  new creative  and technical  challenges  with same  enthusiasm  and  passion  that he  had  at the  beginning of his career!

5549 St-Michel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H1Y 2C9, 1.514.374.4993